What is P.R.o.M.?

In short, it's the Printmaking Relief Micro-conference.

     What resulted from the emergency move of printmaking classes last semester from in-person delivery to less than ideal online delivery was an increased awareness of students’ abilities to work outside of academic studio environments, to translate and innovate, and an infusion of artistic confidence. We all mourned what we lost with online classes – especially technical experience and critical craft discussion.  As I began to plan for the fall 2020 semester and considered the rotation of possible delivery methods, I realized that planning to teach online is more empowering than simply moving to a face-to-face instruction that practices social distancing and a cleaning of touchpoints (how do social distance in a printmaking studio and how do you disinfect everything we touch after every use?) to online instruction.  Online instruction seems both best and inevitable for now.  But how do you do this and address the technical experience and craft discussions.  I then considered the ZOOM conversations with friends.  I have reconnected to my graduate school colleagues, seen people in other countries, met with family online.  I also had students from other institutions join my classes online.  It is not the same as being together physically, but it often means that groups of people who would not be together in one conversation gather – albeit remotely.  The closest experience to this is what happens at a conference (and we will all be missing the MAPC conference this fall).  My favorite conference experience is “Print, Printed, Printing” hosted by Todd Christensen at Highlands University.  It is small and everyone participates.  So this P.R.o.M. will focus on relief printmaking (and non-press processes),  is small enough that we can get to know one and other, will fulfill some of the experiences of conferences and will hopefully allow us to support each other as artists working with printmaking through a challenging time.